Our Story

We are committed to redefining snacks by creating all-natural products that offer true health benefits to our customers. Our founding partner was no stranger to taro root. It was a staple item in the Philippines and enjoyed in many various cooking styles. Fast forward to the present, one day, while on a mission to conquer his snack craving, he picked up a bag containing taro root and thought that it would bring him back to a moment in his childhood enjoying his favorite snack.

It actually made him think… “wow, I can do better than this” and THE ORIGINAL TARO CHIP was born. He began tinkering with recipes in his home kitchen over quite some time until the perfect flavour and texture was achieved. Family and friends would rave about his creation and encouraged him to share it with others. He packaged the product, began selling it in shops and fairs and saw that interest was growing.

He enlisted the help of his partners to help him with technology and marketing and Mayon Fine Foods Incorporated was established. Our team is always looking to create new items to make snacking healthy and enjoyable for you so that you can shop with confidence knowing you will receive the highest quality and best tasting items. Your satisfaction is our top priority.